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From Passive Targets to Motivated Clients

Copywriting is about shaping your business image and credibility.

Copywriting that Affects Decisions

Copywriting is the ability to structure, phrase and deliver your messages to your target market in the most effective and creative way. As a copywriter, my job is to attract your targets' attention, preserve their curiosity and lead them to action.

Copywriting is not about text editing, or fixing spelling mistakes. Copywriting is about shaping your business image and credibility - the essential elements that will affect your customers' decisions and determine the success of your advertising campaigns.

copywriting services

Copywriting services for online and print advertising

Website Content
website content

Powerful, well written texts will make a lasting impression, establishing authoritative credibility. If you already have a website, I'll improve your texts and change your navigation. If you don't have a website I'll write your texts from scratch.

Brochure Copywriting
brochure copywriting

The printed brochure or catalog plays an important role in marketing your business. Whether you need a fresh look at your company's identity, or require a stand-alone sales tool, I can help you create the most effective brochure or catalog, with a strong and lasting impact.

Magazine Ads
magazine ads

With magazines, advertisers have the opportunity and space to deliver a sharp message and to really distinguish their products or services from the competition. The best magazine ads are the ones that have been created with the special features of the medium in mind, using a wide variety of creative options.

Public Relations
public relations

Using professional PR increases the credibility of your sales messages. PR improves a company's credibility in the marketplace by acquiring neutral third-party endorsements for its services or products. I create professionally written materials, that people read to be challenged, persuaded, or to become informed.

Sales Letters & Direct Mail
sales letters

Whether part of a direct mail campaign or standalone sales letter, I will write persuasive messages that can deliver your messages effectively and achieve measurable results. My work will focus on the content, headlines, calls to action and marketing logic flow of your letter.

Posters & Postcards
posters and postcards

Messages on posters must be brief, and lettering must be large enough for easy reading. The most impressive, attention attracting posters must include both a strong, intelligent slogan and a well written text. I have vast experience with both posters and advertising postcards.

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As a renowned copywriter with more than 20 years of professional expertise, I'm probably your best option for phrasing your messages and developing your advertising content. Whether you represent a well established, market-leading company that needs fresh ideas, or a new business that is about to take off for the first time, contact me now! Let me show you how my copywriting services can improve your business image and increase your profits.

Let me transform your brochure, magazine ad, PR, sales letter, or direct mail campaign into a compelling message that drives customer actions and generates results. Fill out the quote request form or just drop me an email. Let me know what type of copywriting services you need and I'll reply as soon as possible. I'll send you my best recommendations and suggestions, together with a quote for my services. So let's get started!

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I am Eddie, owner of Ediwriter.com. I specialize in developing persuasive website content, producing creative branding and building powerful websites.

Ediwriter is all about creativity, insight and competence - the single most important elements that distinguish excellence from mediocrity. My work affects impressions, opinions and decisions. My job is to shape your business image and increase the credibility of your messages. I do that successfully since 2001. Work with me and you'll be proud of your choice!