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Advertising slogans are the short memorable phrases used to draw attention and drive to action. But not every short phrase is a slogan. To become an effective advertising slogan, the short phrase will have to force its targets to stop-and-think, while brainwashing them to follow a course of action.

In our digitalized world of chaotic information overload, attracting our targets' attention has become an extremely challenging task. We can no longer use endless texts, detailed messages or exhausting explanations. To compete on our targets' attention, our only best option is to deliver short and highly focused messages. And that's exactly the power of advertising slogans!

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Ediwriter's Advertising Slogan Examples

Practicing the Health of Science.©

NeA Medical Instruments

Same Faces. New Expressions.©

LA Beauty Clinic

You Win Some. You Prevail Some.©

Thomas Connelly Law Offices

The Dynamic Frequency of Profits.©

CA Insight Financial Services

Translating Independent Thinking.©

Finch Global Translations

Intelligent Emotions For Life.©

Relationships Counseling Center

We Support Nature's Products.©

Rand Medical Systems

Producing Sounds. Creating Feelings.©

Community Loudspeakers

Always On Quality Time.©

Air Lithuania

Explore the Excitement of Silence.©

Luxury Mediterranean Yachting

A Short Phrase. A Huge Impact.

Today the advertising slogan is no longer a cute entertaining phrase that precedes detailed messages; today the advertising slogan is the ESSENCE of your business messages! Only attention grabbing ideas can make their way through the crowded media and reach your targets' minds. Only original and effective advertising slogans can affect your targets' emotions and attitudes.

The ad slogans can be used anywhere: TV, radio, posters, websites, direct mail, sales letters, tradeshows, elections and more. They affect emotions, generate strong feelings, motivate and drive to action.

Ediwriter is one of the best resources for original advertising slogan ideas. I've been creating slogans for more than 20 years. My ideas are renowned all over the market and my creative work has been praised by many media experts.

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"Catchlines that draw attention through smart and funny messages. Still an effective advertising medium."

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Don't copy from your competition and don't use a poor business slogan! Ask me to create for you an original advertising slogan that you can be proud of!

If you have any questions before starting your project, please contact me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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