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The Intimidating Foreplay of Stimulating Articles

So I see a nice headline that attracts my attention and click it. You know, the usual "How to" or "The 5 best ways to"... I start reading, and...

The Deceiving Concept Behind the Google Ads Platform

You all know Google Ads, Google’s bidding advertising platform, or as some call it - the Grand Ripoff Casino. Let's have a look at the concept...

Dropping the How-to & Top-10 Lists

By giving huge priority to websites articles and blog posts that start with how-to and top-10 lists, Google created an almost uniform...

Content vs. Search Paradox

It's extremely difficult today to cut through the noise and competition when driving traffic to a website. In fact it's pretty amazing...

Time to Replace Fake Flatter With a Critical Attitude

Mining valuable and practical knowledge that can boost your business endeavors is one of the toughest and most complex challenges...

Reading Their Minds Helps Writing Your Messages

One of the most important keys to your business growth and online success is to understand customer behavior in order to predict...



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