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Content marketing psychology

Behavioral Psychology in Marketing

The strong connection between content marketing and behavioral psychology

Reading their minds helps writing your messages

One of the most important keys to your business growth and online success is to understand customer behavior, in order to predict and influence it. As a graduate of Thomas Edelman's Behavioral Marketing College and a research advisor for the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management, I have a better understanding of my clients' targets expectations. By combining my creative and professional abilities with my behavioral marketing expertise, I can write influential messages that have higher potential to drive your targets to action.

When writing texts for brochures or writing content for websites, my main objective is to identify the response behavior patterns of your customers and use this information in an attempt to improve the structure, layout and impact of your messages. The basic approach in this field is derived from neurology and behavioral psychology and focuses on the two parts of the human brain - the hypothalamus (drives, emotions and hidden desires), and neocortex (logic, reasoning and intellect). This knowledge helps us understand how different media are perceived, the reasons why people behave in a certain way and the very nature of consumers' preferences and buying patterns.

Personalizing your marketing and advertising campaigns

Behavioral marketing and business psychology are considered as the next generation in online advertising. It deals with issues like types of psychological "rewards" gained by a person through buying, understanding market segments and the concept of target marketing, perception & personality, consumer self image, motivation and awareness, variation between perception and reality, persuasion evaluation, etc.

Psychology of marketing focuses on four types of customers:

  • Economic Shoppers - interested in price, value, quality & economic factors
  • Personalizing Shoppers - enjoy interaction with customer service staff they know/like
  • Ethical Shoppers - avoid large stores or websites that deal with unethical products
  • Apathetic Shoppers - dislike shopping and choose their convenient supplier because they must

As a highly qualified copywriter, specializing in behavioral marketing, I'm probably your best choice for writing your marketing content, branding or ad messages. My extensive experience and professional ability enable me to better communicate with your targets, increasing the potential of higher response rates.

If you have any questions before starting your project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.


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