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How to Design & Develop a Moving Company Website

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Stand Out From the Moving Competition

Wherever you are located, there are probably many other moving companies targeting the same market and offering the same services. Since these services are straightforward, it's the way you present yourself and the impression you make that will affect visitors' decisions whether to do business with you or move on to the competition.

Is your website effective enough to achieve this goal and boost your performance?

The 3 Main Elements of a Successful Moving Website

There are many things you can do to bring new visitors to your moving website, but mainly 3 things to also lead them to action: deliver clear messages, build rapport and instill confidence.

It doesn't matter if you are one of the best moving companies in your area or if you provide outstanding services. If your website has an outdated design, slow pages, low quality images, cheesy content and an ineffective layout, it will be a totally useless marketing tool. And the worst part - it will severely damage your reputation.

Remember! The first impression affects visitors' confidence and only confident visitors will order your services. Diffident visitors will click away.

Any website can call visitors to action. But only a well developed website can convert visitors into satisfied clients.

When people land on your website you have just one short opportunity to explain why your moving services are their best choice and why they should trust you. Don't waste it!

How NOT to Build a Moving Website

Northstarmoving may be a great moving company, but their website doesn't show it. Their homepage is overloaded and cluttered. Their visitors will have to be highly motivated and patient to find their way to the essential information they need, which is bad!

The content is displayed on a white area which is placed on a gray background, making the page look like a brochure. The top visual shows the beach (because of the headline) instead of displaying an impressive and relevant image related with the company's services.

Beneath the main visual they're not displaying an opening text about the company's professional strengths and competitive advantages, but some useless list on how to choose a moving company. What's the point?! As a potential client who has just landed on the company's website, why would I want to read this information?!

moving website design

Clutter, noise and poor quality content will make a bad impression, sending disappointed visitors to the competition. Well written, persuasive content builds trust, encouraging visitors to take action.

My work can make the difference!

Why Waste Valuable Space?

When landing on Pasadena Moving website, 3/4 of the homepage shows a huge headline and a small truck icon. The huge headline states that this is the best moving company in Pasadena. That's a huge waste of valuable space!

First of all, people today are no longer impressed by pompous self-compliments. They expect much more than that. Secondly, if this is the best moving company, why don't they show it by displaying the team at work or their trucks fleet?

The text below the main visual has no title and on desktops it's written in small font. The page is too long because it includes information that doesn't belong to a homepage.

The website is not secure. Web browsers today show a "not secure" notice near the URL, which makes a bad impression. A website that claims to be the best in Pasadena MUST use the SSL certificate.

moving website design
moving website design

How to Write Effective Moving Website Content

The content on Moishes Moving homepage is well written and effective. Their messages are clear, helpful and instill confidence. After using high quality images to showcase their main services they display an opening text that articulates their competitive advantages.

Moishes opening text is effective because it doesn't focus on self-superlatives and useless statements, but on clients' needs. They tell visitors that they are aware of the stress involved in moving and that they have the solution to relief that stress. Exactly what the potential clients expect and need.

After offering a few free services, the page shows testimonials to reassure clients that they are making the right decision. Although most people don't take testimonials seriously anymore, Moishes are doing a good job with their homepage.

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