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Your business name is an essential part of your business identity and image. A good name attracts attention, makes a strong impression and creates sharp market distinction.

The Business Naming Challenge

Choosing the right name for your company is a major decision. No, it will not affect your performance or boost your profits, but as an essential branding component it will have a very strong impact on how your prospective clients perceive your image.

A company name can be almost anything from the owner's name to an imaginative symbol. The real challenge though is to match the right name with your specific field of action. Keep in mind: A good name can make you feel proud, while a bad name can ruin your image.

Be Original

Impress your customers with an original name. Don't imitate your competition and don't compromise your business image with an amateurish name. Keep in mind that your business name is an authentic reflection of your professional pride.

Stay Focused

Avoid useless gimmicks and don't use a business name that simply describes your flagship product or service. Keep in mind that the business name you choose is part of your branding and not part of your marketing messages.

Make Impression

The newer or smaller a business, the more important the business name it uses. While big players have plenty of channels to draw attention and affect audiences, small businesses may never have a second chance to make a first good impression.

The Impact of Professional Naming

A good business name should deliver an impressive business image. It must be easy to memorize, easy to pronounce and relevant. The new name must be creative and original, and it should reflect strong confidence.

Ediwriter is one of the best online resources for creating new business names. As a specialized naming consultant and marketing expert, I use proven development methods that will make you proud of your new creative business name.

All the business naming ideas I develop are subjected to rigorous analyses and screening. They reflect the values and uniqueness of the business, guaranteeing relevancy and clear market distinction.

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Some of Ediwriter's Business Name Examples


Digital Photography




Sonar Technology




Art Museum


Ecommerce platform


Software app


Soft drink


Beauty boutique


Counseling center


Real estate


Night Club


Ad agency


Healthcare center


Medical tech


Metal Contractor

Confident Decisions on a New Business Name

Once you receive the naming ideas, one of the best ways to choose the right name is to try to figure how each one of the naming options will look on a sign or on your business stationery. Read each name aloud, paying attention to the way it sounds. Analyze the reactions of colleagues or friends, but don't expect other people to make the decision for you. And most important - never ask for the opinion of people who were not involved in writing the project's brief.

Over the past years Ediwriter received outstanding reviews...


"A creative choice if you are planning to rebrand or develop a new identity for your online business."

"Fresh thinking and original concepts in content deployment. Interesting directions for savvy marketers."

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For many of my clients the name development process seems like an exhausting and stressful experience. They are not sure what they need or which image they should project. As a naming expert, one of my first and most important tasks is to restore your calm, by providing the best possible consultation and guidance.

Basically, your naming options are almost endless. As long as it's not trademarked or taken, the new company name can be any possible combination of linguistic elements. The real challenge though is to pick the best and most effective name for your specific business. That's exactly the reason why you need a naming expert on your side.

Let's Get Started!

Don't compromise your image and reputation with an amateurish name. Work with an experienced expert and impress your target market with an original and powerful business name.

The price for the naming project is only $350. If you have any questions before starting your naming project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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