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Review of a Construction Website

At first sight the website of IHC Construction LLC looks impressive, mainly because of the sliding banners. But a closer look exposes many significant mistakes. Click to see the review report...

Review of an Orthodontic Website

I assume that the team of this clinic offers professional orthodontic treatments. The problem is with their website. There is a lot they can do to improve it. Click to see the review report...

Review of a Real Estate Website

The homepage of myhomeinsf real estate website relies too much on its video. The page has almost no content, and the graphic elements are spread all over the page. Click to see the review report...

Review of a Cargo Website

The homepage of Cargos.com, a global cargo services website is nice and does a good job explaining its services and solutions. But with a few changes it can get better. Click to see the review report...

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